Ph34R TeH PiX3z

October 18, 2009

aniline pixies

Aaaaand the update is here! For those of you not in Chem 36, we synthesized acetanilide a few weeks ago using aniline and acetic anhydride, which doesn’t much matter. What DOES matter is that my fume hood mate poured boiling solution straight from the hot plate into a lukewarm beaker, which then proceeded to break. I was nearly slain by flying glass and boiling pixies! Not nearly as exciting as the dude who spilled hot sand on himself during a lab and got driven to Vaden by the professor, though. Why can’t I get maimed like that and get one-on-one time? So far, my worst mishap was getting base on the table. Laaaame.


Lil’ changes

October 12, 2009

Just updating some of the site stuff after being KO’d for a few days by sickness. Strangely enough, unless I’m pregnant, asthmatic, a smoker, or near death, Vaden Health center doesn’t want to see me. Sooo… I pay them to ignore me and tell me to drink fluids over the phone. Feh. Anywho, somewhat back on my feet, just in time for the Bio and Chem midterms tomorrow and Wednesday. We who are about to dihybrid cross salute you! Update looks like it’ll be coming on Thursday, or in a giddy flurry on Wednesday night.

Don’t get me started on Chem 36

October 9, 2009

A year of Chem for...

A year of Chem, finally get into sophomore year aaaaand… Peas. Also, fat yellow mice. While I enjoy mouse diabetes and obesity as much as the next Bio major, I don’t need to have a lecture on why we write Rr and not RY. Just tell whoever didn’t take AP Bio- or any bio class in their life- to go pick up a textbook at random and educate themselves on the matter.

Also, sorry about the late update, things are getting hectic. Gogo 5 and a half Chem lab yesterday. As for the comic itself, some of you lovely people have given me feedback, and I can’t agree more:

-I’ll see if I can snag some fuzzy-esque things to comic about, as this is FvT
-I am currently searching for a thicker marker to do inkings with. I know the art majors are holding out on me…
-That polar bear is awesomesauce

Can’t snarf free ‘012 glasses…

October 7, 2009

Food best version

Bwehehe, and the first comic is up! A tad old, but still true to this day: the attention of Stanford folk ain’t cheap. Only good news is, you may pay us in pizza, brownies, or whatever edible stock you have on hand.

Also, a bit of an introduction. Mo is a polar bear. Why? Because I enjoy drawing her like that. In strips to come I’ll flesh her out a bit… But yeah, the little person she is talking to isn’t her roomie. Hope you guys liked the strip, might do some full color ones after mid terms. Bio 41 and Chem 35 can go away, seriously.


September 19, 2009

Hi there future reader, I’m Alex, an undergrad here at the farm. Enjoy teh comix and stuff, and feel free to shoot me an email. If you can find me…. Bwehehehehehehe.