Don’t get me started on Chem 36

A year of Chem for...

A year of Chem, finally get into sophomore year aaaaand… Peas. Also, fat yellow mice. While I enjoy mouse diabetes and obesity as much as the next Bio major, I don’t need to have a lecture on why we write Rr and not RY. Just tell whoever didn’t take AP Bio- or any bio class in their life- to go pick up a textbook at random and educate themselves on the matter.

Also, sorry about the late update, things are getting hectic. Gogo 5 and a half Chem lab yesterday. As for the comic itself, some of you lovely people have given me feedback, and I can’t agree more:

-I’ll see if I can snag some fuzzy-esque things to comic about, as this is FvT
-I am currently searching for a thicker marker to do inkings with. I know the art majors are holding out on me…
-That polar bear is awesomesauce


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